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It is hard to find the right people, paths, and resources at your university to accomplish your goals. By joining our platform, you can access the support, connection, and collaboration you need to pursue your passions!

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Collegiora connects students, enables collaboration, democratizes knowledge, and more!


A big part of student experience is the people you meet. With Collegiora, students can find the right people for their specific projects, passions, and paths all in a centralized, supportive community!


Now all the siloed communities on your campus can come together and create new projects, leverage existing resources in exciting ways, and change the world!


Now you can find all the right people to help answer your questions, tackle important issues, bring your project to life, advise on academic programs, and more!


We provide a searchable database with all the information and “hacks” you need to make the most on your time at college, whether it’s finding the perfect fellowship, connecting with the right professor, or choosing the right major.

Our Platform + Features

We built our platform with students in mind, seeking to help you make the most of your university experience

We designed Collegioraand its full suite of features to remove all the possible pain points to finding the right people, paths, resources, and opportunities to supercharge your student experience!

Forums & Groups

No matter your major, minor, or passion, we have a group and forum for you with like-minded people


100% Searchable

We digitally integrated everything into our search function from forum and blog posts to documents and templates

Path Finder

Explore all the different possible paths at your college from majors and academic honors to fellowships and projects

Extensive Knowledgebase

From fellowships and awards to specific clubs and email templates for contacting professors, we have you covered

All The Answers

Whether you need to find the right fellowship and professor or major and club, our platform can help

Direct Messaging

It’s awkward to send another student a cold email or an Insta DM, that’s why we enabled platform direct messaging

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Make the Most of Your College Experience

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Student Testimonials

Collegiora has helped me tremendously in my time at SMU. From connecting with other Pre-Med students, to finding older student mentors, it’s been an essential part of my college experience. When I wanted to pursue research, the platform and community pushed to make it happen. From giving advice on how to contact professors to helping me craft my research proposal, Raleigh has helped me at every step. Now, being a URA has enriched my time here at SMU. I am able to see real world applications of everything I learn in the classroom, which will be an asset in my future career.

Riley McGlasson


When I initially had my research idea, I had no idea where to begin, but Collegiora put me on the path to success. It was able to recommend which faculty members I should reach out to, allowing me to find my mentor. Next, It helped me set up a specific plan for my research, including a long-term timeline, which fellowships I would apply to and when, and short term action items. Research can be difficult to navigate because there are so many opportunities that it almost seems overwhelming for a first or second year student, but Collegiora gave me the push and support I needed to start a project I am now incredibly passionate about.

Deana Kajmakovic

SMU Tower & Mayer Fellow

I was already an Undergraduate Research Assistant in the Chemistry department before joining Collegiora, but I was looking to expand my research pursuits into a new field. When I lacked direction, Collegiora showed me a path to opportunity and provided me much-needed support to make the transition to my new endeavors. There are countless ways to get involved with research and other innovative, experiential projects on campus, and Collegiora opened the gates for me to find one that suited my goals and showed me a path to realize it while supporting me along the way.
Nick Simpson

SMU URA & Mayer Fellow

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Collegiora is an online platform for rapid innovation, collaboration, and networking designed to supercharge your student experience by helping you find the right people and paths for your passions